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The difference about Camella Taal and the other Camella communities, especially the ones in the Metro, is that it has quite a lot of amenities. Of course, the Camella Taal puts the safety and security of its residents high on top of its priorities list. First, there is a high concrete wall surrounding the entire community that will prevent ne’er-do-wells from gaining illegal access to the residents inside the community.

Aside from the concrete fence, Camella Taal also employs a team of highly trained security personnel. There will always be one or two guards stationed at the main gate to prevent unwanted guests from simply walking through. You can also find several security cameras installed strategically within the community. Between the guards and the security cameras, there is a very miniscule chance for any intruders to do any kind of harm to the residents.

Unlike low-cost subdivisions, the roads and streets running through the Camella Taal compound are quite wide. This means that emergency vehicles, like large fire engines and ambulances, can navigate through the community with ease so they can respond to emergencies much faster. Wider roads also mean that you won’t have any problem driving in and out of the compound regardless if you own a huge SUV or a small sub-compact.

The real starring attraction of the Camella Taal are the recreational amenities it offers its residents. First, there is a lighted basketball/multi-purpose court. If you want to do a bit of practice shooting or drills, or if you want to join a quick pick-up game with the other players in the neighborhood, you just need to go to the court.

There are also several small landscaped parks inside the community. You can head over there if you want to relax and just look at the garden, or you can take your kids with you and watch them play with the other neighborhood kids in the playgrounds. If you want to join in on the fun, there is a huge hedge maze where you and your kids can play tag.

There is also a gigantic chess set in one of the parks. If you ever wondered how it would feel like to play chess with the pieces almost as tall as you are then you will love it here. Even the adults will revert back to their childhood days when they see these whimsically huge chess pieces laid out on a giant chessboard.

Probably the best feature of Camella Taal is the pool area. You can find the pools beside the community clubhouse. There is a full-sized pool where you can swim laps, dive, or just lounge around. There is also a much shallower kiddie pool where your kids can splash around and play. Speaking of the clubhouse, you can talk with the community administrator and ask if you can rent it for parties or any other occasion that you are planning to hold.

These are just some of the many amenities that you can expect to get when you choose to live in Camella Taal. You will discover more of them once you become a resident.

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  • Shuttle Service
  • Basketball Court
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